AC Compressors

For correct compressor functionality, and for the warranty to remain in force, ensure that the items specified will be performed prior to putting into operation:


  1. Check that the system is not contaminated, and flush if necessary. If the system is contaminated, it is recommended to change the condenser.
  2. Check that the suspension, pulley, plugs, and other connections match the old compressor.
  3. If the system is not flushed, the amount of oil in the old compressor has to be determined. The oil in the new compressor has to be adjusted to the same amount as oil is remaining in the system. The total amount of oil has to meet the vehicle specification.
  4. Check that the volume of oil filled in the compressor meets the vehicle specifications. Top up if necessary.
  5. Rotate the compressor shaft min. 10 times before mounting, if possible (depending on compressor type). Do not use the nut on the shaft to rotate the compressor using a key. This may damage the coupling.
  6. Always replace the receiver/drier and expansion valve / orifice tube.
  7. Meet car manufacturer’s specifications for R134a filling volume. The system mode of operation will NOT be improved by increasing the filling volume.




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