[Manufacturer Position Orginal nr.
AC-Delco (Delco Remy)* A 3472065
AC-Delco (Delco Remy)* A 10497947
Bosch B/E 0120489122
Ducellier B 7541/514016
Elmot B A115-43-14V43A
Femsa C/D/E ALD12N-40
Hitachi A/E LT135-35
Iskra A/E AAK1119
Lucas B/C 23802
Marelli B/C 63320058
Magneton-Pal B 44311356021
Mitsubishi E A5T31671/AG2035T
Motorola E 9AR2828G
Nikko C/E 0-33000-2290
Nippon Denso E 100211-2071
Paris Rhone B/C A13N95
SEV Marshal B/C 70230302
Valeo B/C A13N38

If possible, check the OE-reference on the old unit.

This will ensure the supply of the correct unit.

The DRI brand is a part of the BORG Automotive Group – One of Europe’s leading remanufacturers of auto parts.

BORG Automotive A/S Bergsoesvej 12 8600 Silkeborg Denmark Tel. +45 8680 1177